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                             Our research is primarily centred around four series:

1) Samriddhi Equity Research Reports (SERRs): We extensively cover 'focus' companies    in each notable sector of the Indian economy. These reports are in the mold of         industry-standard equity research reports, designed primarily to enhance learning.

2) Samriddhi Intelligence Reports (SIRs): In addition to SERRs, in the same spirit, we also cover major sectors of the Indian Economy in our sector-specific reports.

3) Market Impact Reports (MIRs): In this report, we analyze the recent performance of global and Indian economy, financial markets and the various trends, headwinds, and tailwinds that are present.


4) IPO Analysis: In this short report, we cover the upcoming IPOs and provide short analysis of industry, company and key risks involved in the offering.

Note: The subsequent set of reports are released exclusively for Samriddhi Fund Investors.

All Our Reports

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